Raise Your Glass, Heal the World

If John McCain and Barack Obama can agree that torture is pretty much the worst thing ever, we all can agree on it. The Twin Cities-based Center for Victims of Torture aims to end torture in every corner of the world, through programs here in Minnesota and in their outposts in Sierra Leon, Liberia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Recently the CVT sent workers to Jordan to assist treating Iraqi refugees, of whom one survey says 21 percent have been attacked, raped, or otherwise victimized. While in Jordan, CVT is hoping to treat at least 900 traumatized Iraqis, and train nongovernmental organizations there to continue to help victims. And you can help torture victims heal, too, without even leaving the Twin Cities. Head over to the Fine Line for the Raise Your Glass, Heal the World fundraiser for CVT. For $10, you can do your part to help fix the damage torture has done. Ragtime band Glad Rags will perform along with swing outfit Dizzy. Fine Line mixologists have even created a new cocktail for the evening called "The Painless." Order a bunch, because all proceeds from the drink go to CVT. When was the last time you could help eradicate torture and heal sufferers simply by ordering a round of drinks for you and your friends?
Tue., Oct. 21, 7 p.m., 2008

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