Rabbit in the Moon

When trying to imagine what someone with the name "Bunny" might look like, some people might conjure up visions of soccer moms, others perhaps remember cheerleaders from the 1970s, still others might imagine a cute Saturday morning TV character.Not this Bunny. This Bunny is a self-proclaimed "High Priest of Fucking Minds" and dons wild getups, which include Bladerunner-esque makeup and garb that appears to be recycled green carpet. Bunny serves as the visual exclamation point to Rabbit in the Moon, a dance-floor trance and electronic group that also features producers Monk (Steve McClure) and Confucius (David Christophere). While Bunny supplies the performance art, Monk and Confucius provide the mellow, tranced-out tunes, many of them remixes by artists including Garbage ("Queer"), White Zombie ("Blood, Milk, and Sky"), and Sarah MacLachlan ("Fear"). 18+.
Thu., Sept. 20, 10 p.m.

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