Quietdrive Holiday Show

Twin Cities rockers Quietdrive have been saddled with the pop-punk tag, but that label is usually little more than lazy shorthand wherein "pop" means "catchy" and "punk" translates to "with distorted guitars." In Quietdrive's case, it would be closer to the truth if you lopped off the last half of that descriptor, since whatever punk tendencies they exhibit have a tough time punching through the layers of heavy production that have every track buffed to a glossy sheen. The songs unabashedly take dead aim at the Billboard charts (and they've hit it a few times), incorporating plenty of stadium-sized exploding choruses that sound tailored for teen sing-alongs, but is there any better time than Christmas for things that are shiny and candy-sweet? This event marks five years of the band hosting hugely successful holiday parties, and for longtime Minneapolis fans there's more to look forward to with this show than anything under the tree. All they want for Christmas are hooks. With Take Cover, Catchpenny, and All the Right Moves. All ages.
Sat., Dec. 26, 5 p.m., 2009

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