Mario Kart on N64


Put Up or Shut Up N64 Mario Kart Tournament

Feb. 16
12-5 p.m.
Mario Kart race entry is $10; battle entry is $5; free to watch.

This Sunday, fans of Mario Kart will be able to test their skills at this daylong battle. The gaming system will be the N64, and there will be two tournaments: one for racers and one for those who prefer to battle. For the race, players will take a four-course tour, chosen by a random number generator (pray you don’t get the Rainbow Road campaign). If you manage to escape elimination, at the grand finale you’ll be expected to race through all 16 levels. The Mario Kart battle will be similar, as that number generator will choose your battleground until there’s only one player left. This all goes down at the upstairs Clubhouse, and will also feature happy hour specials, retro game trivia, and other fun shenanigans. You can sign up early on eventbrite.