Psalm One

Chemist enough to explain in a funny aside that ester solvents are what make glow sticks glow, Englewood, Chicago's Psalm One must have known one or another element was missing from her gorgeously voiced flow and loner-on-the-L-turned-battler persona: "A lot of lines that I tend to rhyme get lost," she raps on "Better Than My Last (Dirty)," from her free 2010 online album Woman@work, a track that also addresses her absence from the recording scene since releasing her fourth album and Rhymesayers debut, 2006's The Death of the Frequent Flyer, which featured a collaboration with Brother Ali. If the sophisticated, soft-focuse knowingness of "Open for Business" is any sign (the song is dirty in the best way), her follow-up-in-progress for Rhymesayers should be something very good. With Open Mike Eagle and Big Quarters. 18+.
Sat., Aug. 7, 9 p.m., 2010

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