Prof & Rahzwell; Interlock All Stars; M.anifest

Celebrating the release of their upcoming Project Gampo in appropriate fashion, with a live show likely to evolve into a live party, Prof and Rahzwell signify all that is (as well as all that is good about) the Twin Cities rap flavor. They aren't afraid to shed a tear or two, but never take their soul-searching so seriously as to become corny. They came up by performing tirelessly and earned a rep in our familiar haunts, using local talent for recording collaborations as well. Their whole foundation is built around letting the art form of rhyming grow—seeing how badass the rhythms can get, but remembering that Thou Shalt Move the Crowd is commandment numero uno. With plenty of party-pleasing friends around town and secret guests being scheduled to warm up beforehand, this will be one sweaty throwdown. T.C. b-boys and -girls, whatchu wanna do?
Fri., Nov. 30, 8 p.m., 2007

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