Prof is one of those MCs who teeters on the borderline between making any beat sound good and making it sound irrelevant. Sometimes he rides a rhythm so close it's like he's laminating it, and when he switches between short, emphatic phrases and effortlessly strung-together (yet still clearly coherent) fast-rap fusillades, he sounds like one of the most technically skilled MCs in the metro. Good thing he's not so damned deadpan about it: Most of the rhymes on releases like 2007's Project Gampo, last year's St. Paul Slim teamup Recession Music and this year's Kaiser Von Powderhorn 2 EP are delivered with a wired hyperactivity through what sounds like the impish grin of the professional shit-talker, and concern intoxication, girls, battling, and the crazy shit that happens when you indulge in too much of each. His set caps off a night that also features local hip hop artists Mnemosyne, Laslo Supreme, K Raydio, Toussaint Morrison, Mike Dreams and DJ Turtleneck. 18+
Fri., Nov. 19, 8 p.m., 2010

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