Prints on Ice

Now that the Highpoint Center has fully settled in to its new space around the corner from its old space, it's time for their annual showcase featuring the great work its co-op members do throughout the year. The exhibit and sale opened earlier in December and displays the work of 21 local artists. Together, their work demonstrates the vast variety of styles, aesthetics, and approaches that can be taken when creating print art. For example, Kelly Munson's screenprint Little People features the beloved Fisher-Price children's toys smiling at the viewer in all their colorful, orb-shaped glory. Kurt Seaberg's lithograph First Snow is photographic in quality. One can almost see the birds in flight as white trees line a clear sky. Florence Brammer's A Leap from the Boat is a geometric abstraction of a sailboat, the blue splatter undeniably playful. Some of the artists featured this month are newer, while others are seasoned professionals. If one style doesn't pull you in, a handful of others certainly will.
Dec. 4-Jan. 16, 2009

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