Maggie Faris St. Paul Photo Co.


Pride Comedy Show

June 22
7 p.m. and 9 p.m.
Comedy, LGBTQ

Maggie Faris is all about creating her own opportunities in comedy. That’s why instead of looking for somewhere to perform during Pride, she decided to make up a show of her own. Faris, alongside six of the funniest LGBTQ comedians from around Minnesota, will come together at Sisyphus this week for the Pride Comedy Show. “I wanted a combination of comics who are fairly well known around town, and some people who regular comedy goers have never seen before,” Faris explains of the lineup, which includes Jakey Emmert, Sarah McPeck, Wendy Berkowitz, Madi Tentinger, Jacob Randall, and Jan Syverson. With thousands of people from all over piling into town for Pride, she realizes that the crowd may be a little different from an average comedy show at Sisyphus. “I think that people in marginalized groups overall don’t tend to go to comedy shows very regularly, and maybe aren’t necessarily as savvy to the comedy scene in town,” she says. Faris has been a staple of the Twin Cities standup scene for many years, as both a performer and a producer. Four years ago, she began putting together an annual East Coast-style New Year’s Eve show, complete with booby prizes, multiple balloon drops, and other little surprises. She’s not divulging any details, but promises that the shows this weekend will be similar. “Maybe I’ll give everyone silly hats, or maybe I’ll bake cookies for everyone,” she laughs. “I’ll definitely have some surprises up my sleeve.” Tickets and more info at can be found at