'Active Shooter' Lizardman


Pre-Election Pre Post-Apocalypse Party

Nov. 5
6 p.m.-1 a.m.
Art, Barhopping, Benefits,Parties,Receptions, Food and Drink, Music

This election cycle has been a shitshow. Now it’s time to drink. Before you cast your ballot (if you’re not voting early, that is), you can distract yourself from the trainwreck at Modist. During the evening, Buildings and Hardcore Crayons will be playing tunes so loud that nary a patron will be able to listen to a news broadcast. Meanwhile, Rogue Citizen arts collective will be sharing their subversive artwork in a one-night gallery show, as well as creating some pieces live. And yes, there will be plenty of beer. In addition to regular selections, there will be two special brews on tap: Atomic Ale, an amber ale, and Lord Humungus, a super-alcoholic rye ale “borne of the blood, fire, and gasoline of the Wasteland.”