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Prayers for Pussies: A Conversation

July 26
7-10 p.m.
$10; $5 members
Literary, Poetry, Speakers

Back in January, poet Junauda Petrus spoke out about her poem, titled “Prayer for Pussies,” which had been censored by a public art project. Petrus was one of several poets commissioned to write three pieces each that would be part of a sculpture created by Blessing Hancock for Nicollet Avenue. Due to the content of “Prayer for Pussies,” which included words like “coochie” and “clitoris,” Petrus was asked by city officials to submit a different work. Taking that incident as a jumping-off point, Petrus, along with Erin Sharkey, her collaborator from the artist group Free Black Dirt, will be part of a conversation at the Loft this week about the role of artists as resistors of repression. Petrus and Sharkey will share their own work in all its sensual, queer, female, and Afro-futuristic glory, taking on everything from white supremacy to rape culture as they mitigate how artists can work against tyranny.