Post Secret

If you don't know what Post Secret is, you've probably never been on the internet or to a bookstore. It's the website and art project started in 2004 by Frank Warren, a quiet family man living in Germantown, Maryland. Warren asks that people send him postcards that reveal their secret; he then posts the anonymous confessions on his site. This simple idea has become a worldwide phenomenon: The site has been visited more than 100 million times, it has spawned books, lectures by Warren, and nationally traveling exhibits like this one. The confessions vary drastically in subject matter and execution; some cards have secrets simply scrawled across the front; other secrets are written on an artifact from life (a Starbucks cup, for instance). Reading Post Secret is like climbing into America's collective psyche and finding out about our guilt, pride, pettiness, motivations, fears, and pasts. Post Secret makes it loud and clear that you are not alone in your feelings or actions. You like to pee in the pool? Look, there's a card somebody sent in about that. You're walking around free while somebody does hard time for your crime? Somebody sent that card in, too. You lied about being bullied in order to get out of school? You're in good company. Post Secret allows you to identify yourself in others, laugh about what you're keeping to yourself, and even begin to heal. It is perhaps the best home remedy for depression or self-doubt.
Oct. 4-Nov. 30, 2008

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