Portugal. The Man

Improbably originating in the same moose-phobic locale as the most notorious Palin not in Monty Python, Portugal. The Man decamped from Wasilla for the Pacific Northwest a while back, but not before singer-guitarist John Baldwin Gourley had had enough of his wacky former mayor to firmly oppose her recent candidacy for higher shenanigans. Portugal. The Man (yes, there's a period in there), the band formed by Gourley and fellow Wasilla native and bassist Zachary Scott Carothers, is meanwhile making quite a name for itself as an up-and-coming band riding a singular blend of neo-psychedelia, blues, renegade prog, touches of soul, and (dare we say) a maverick experimental streak that definitely puts them on the indie frontier. On its new Censored Colors (Equal Vision), the geographically challenged Iberian quartet appears headed on an art-rock course, drifting away from erstwhile emphases on metal and funk. Gourley's falsetto dallies with a jazzy trumpet on one cut, electric guitars rage elsewhere, acoustic ballads evoke John Lennon, and spacey forays suggest the dark side of the moon. And nary a moose was harmed while making the album. With Earl Greyhound; Wintersleep. All ages.
Sun., Nov. 9, 5:30 p.m., 2008

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