'Pop Goes the Noggin'


Pop Goes the Noggin

Every Fri., Sat., and Sun. from April 19-May 12
7:30 p.m.

Expectations are running high for Michele Lepsche’s follow-up to the acclaimed Roller Derby Queen, a comic drama of familial codependency. The new Pop Goes the Noggin explores mental duress from a historical perspective, and is set in the supposedly sedate environs of Loon Lake State Hospital in northern Minnesota. Tarnishing the antiseptic wards is an unsettling legacy of both the practices of the medical professionals and the predicament of the patients. Such informs the backdrop of this Kari Steinbach-directed character study in which the institutionalized women of Ward 1 cling to their aspirations, quixotic as they may be, as a means of coping with both the surrounding madness and the harsh restrictions imposed by the draconian Nurse Triplet. Pop Goes the Noggin questions our understanding of mental disorders, particularly when the treatment alone seems insane. Find links to tickets and more information at