Policy and a Pint: The Mortgage Meltdown

The economy sucks. Gas and oil prices reach new peaks seemingly every day. Droves of families are getting booted from their foreclosed homes in every state. Lenders are tightening credit, putting an extra burden on college students and their families. Yep, it's time to lick your wounds and drink away your money troubles. But before you swap your car for walking shoes or sell your internal organs, go to "The Citizens League's Policy and a Pint" hosted by Current DJ Steve Seel. The program is designed to help facilitate coping with the downturn by combining beer and expertise. Star Tribune money columnist Kara McGuire and Richard Todd from the Minneapolis Federal Reserve will be on hand to dole out advice for girding your financial loins, and provide some of the back story for how American and world financial institutions got into this economic nightmare. And, at 10 bucks for beer, food, and consolation, it's a bargain for your newly tightened entertainment budget.
Thu., May 15, 6-7 p.m., 2008

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