Polar Bear Plunge

While some will spend today cowering under their down comforters, others will go looking for a wacky snow adventure. One such spectacle always worth a laugh is the Polar Bear Plunge, a multi-location fundraiser where folks dress up in their most colorful costumes and swim gear and jump into a chilly lake. Why would someone do such a thing? Thankfully, it's not just because they're nuts, but rather that they care about a good cause. Those taking the icy plunge raise a minimum of $75 each for the Special Olympics at this event hosted by Minnesota law enforcement. Plunges take place throughout the Twin Cities and beyond for the next two months, so if you're not interested in experiencing frostbite for charity this weekend but think you may be available in the near future, check out the website for other opportunities to jump. Visit www.plungemn.org for more info.
Sat., Jan. 29, 9 a.m., 2011

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