Plastic Constellations

Most people know that the members of the Plastic Constellations were in a band in high school. The thing about that: It was the Plastic Constellations. They also opened for Low when they only sophomores. What were you doing at 15, besides being socially awkward and yearning for your own set of wheels? So what have they been doing since, you ask? Well, becoming indie media darlings for starters. And to paraphrase former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Buddy Ryan, they only know how to write ultra-catchy, anthemic indie-pop nuggets. Last year's Crusades made many local and national best-of lists, and it was no fluke. These guys know how to bring the house down, and their foaming-at-the-mouth following makes their live shows that much more intense. Superhopper will usher them in with their hooky, bombastic, wry brand of vaguely '70s rock. Crunchy guitars, funny, almost accidental-sounding lyrics, and a stellar rhythm section are more than enough to push these guys past "run-of-the-mill" on the meter. Why their last offering, Party Killers, didn't make a bigger splash locally (and elsewhere, really) is a little puzzling—this stuff is readymade for your next beer-soaked get-together—and lead singer Kermit Carter's smart-ass stage banter is without peer.
Fri., Jan. 4, 9 p.m., 2008


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