Pie Equals Square Image courtesy event organizers


Pie Equals Square

Daily from July 27-28
7:30 p.m.
July 29
2 p.m.

When biomedical engineer Gerry Timm commissioned choreographer Paula Mann to create a dance, he gave her carte blanche to do anything she wanted. So she started with him. To be precise, she started with his tangled processes of cogitation and how they relate to hers as an artist. At a recent rehearsal of Mann’s Pie Equals Square, five terrific dancers loped, lurched, and looped through the multiple equations lodged in Timm’s brain, stuffed his mouth with the paper on which they were written, and even squared the circle. They found elegant visceral solutions to knotty problems, and not just abstractions. Mann’s sophisticated patterning depicts a society in control, in complicity, and always on the verge of chaos. A witty score by Hans Kruger and projections by Steve Paul complement this whimsical foray into a world where the rules have changed and irreverence abounds.