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Petri Dish: 3PLAY

Aug. 27
8 p.m.
Performance Art, Theater

It’s time for a little free form with Petri Dish: 3PLAY, a performance series put together by Skewed Visions and curated by Charles Campbell. It’s taking place at Fresh Oysters Performance Research, Minneapolis’ go-to spot for weird, wild, and thought-provoking stage work. The evening includes brand-new experimental pieces by local artists playing with dance, movement, and text in unexpected ways. First up is Pedro Pablo Lander, who explores form and gender with his piece “Noche Bomba.” Next is Kaya Lovestrand’s “Movpo,” which draws on Japanese literary forms and poetry. Finally, Holo Lue Choy offers two pieces; the first is about toxic relationships, and the other, co-created and performed with Erin Drummond, will probably blow your mind. Reserve tickets at