Peter Bjorn and John; Chairlift

Your first listening session with Does You Inspire You, the debut from Chairlift (pictured), may leave you wondering whether the trio recorded in a smoke-machine-equipped studio. Your second bout with the album will probably convince you that their record collections contain a fairly high '80s British gloom-pop quotient. "Bruises," which you may recognize from one iPod Nano commercial or another (are those the new mp3 blogs or something?), is certainly bouncier and shinier than anything else Chairlift has done, but the rest of Inspire feels vintage, musty, clad in Flashdance legwarmers. Which pretty much makes Chairlift either a cautionary tale or the logical endpoint of the wave of Brooklyn-centralized acts—Telepathe, please pick up the red phone—who've decided that tribalist-Gypsy rock makes less sense than overvarnished stabs at Reagan-era FM pop one-hit wonders. We're far more excited about the return of Swede genre-hybriders Peter Bjorn and John, who're treading a decidedly more attractive path. 18+.
Tue., April 21, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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