Pegasus: Tired!

Tired of the same LGBT events pushing the same vibe week after week, seeing the same corporate sponsorships at every party, and being asked to sign the same petition every time you go out? Don't freak out: You are not in the Matrix. Revolting Queers is tired of these sorts of clichés and redundancies as well. In recent years they have made their mark on the scene by hosting performances in alternative spaces, meaning you won't find their parties at the Pride Festival in Loring Park or at 18+ nights at the Saloon. Instead, they celebrate about once a month at the Bedlam Theater with drag, dance, and music performances, plus a dance party with DJ sets during intermission and after the show. May will mark the last time that Pegasus opens its wings and takes flight. In June the group returns with Soft Core, which have an '80s porn theme. Oh yeah. 18+. (Photo by Crafty McGluestick)
Sat., May 22, 10 p.m., 2010

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