Pedal ForWords Alleycat Race

Looking for a good way to get involved in local book and bicycling subcultures? Boneshaker Books, a great little nonprofit bookstore, is hosting an alleycat bicycle race this Saturday. Titled Pedal ForWords, the ride capstones the shop's 30 Days of Reading festival, where folks pledged to read every day for the month of June (participants were also invited to fun happenings and received discounts). If you're unfamiliar with Boneshaker, the party should be a low-stress introduction; the race emphasizes playfulness and participation over competition. You must carry a book along with you during the ride, as task checkpoints will incorporate the work you choose into various challenges, so picking one that you know well will likely pay off strategically. The race begins at the southeast corner of Powerhorn Park and ends at the store, where there will be an after-party. Visit for more info. (Photo by Don Fulano)
Sat., June 25, 4-10 p.m., 2011

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