Yoko Ono signs Paul Schmelzer's name. Image courtesy Paul Schmelzer


Paul Schmelzer: Signifier, Signed

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For the average autograph hunter, the goal is to get famous people to sign their name on photos, pieces of paper, or paraphernalia. Paul Schmelzer has a different goal. When he approaches Hollywood celebrities, politicians, and athletes, it’s not their own name he desires, but his own. Over the years, he has amassed a pretty extensive collection that is, by all accounts, 100 percent unique. There’s Yoko Ono, Civil Rights hero U.S. Rep. John Lewis, Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, and filmmaker Wim Wenders. Through these signatures, Schmelzer has gotten the rich and famous to collaborate with him on his ongoing art project, turning the practice of celebrity worship on its head. The selection reveals Schmelzer’s own tastes and, in a way, reflects back at the people he admires in a very simple, human way. These autographs will make up the exhibition “Signifier, Signified” at Macalester College.