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Paul Reiser

March 23
8 p.m.

Paul Reiser is probably best known for creating and starring in the hit sitcom Mad About You, as well as his more recent work in the critically acclaimed Red Oaks and the wildly popular Stranger Things. People sometimes forget, though, that he’s also a standup comic. “I kind of put that on the back burner and neglected to get back right away,” he says. “What’s funny to me is when people say, ‘I didn’t know he was a comedian too,’ because I think that’s all I do.” He understands the confusion since he took a long break from standup. After all these years, his comedy style has remained unchanged. “I’m often struck by how similar the through line is,” he says. “I circle back and realize I did an early version of this 30 years ago. This is just a newer version. The things I’m interested in and drawn to have remained the same.” One difference he’s noticed is that he’s never been more comfortable onstage. “When I went back out on the road after all those years it was a different point in my life,” he says, “and audiences knew me. It’s was like getting tougher with old friends, because the audiences largely grew up on Mad About You. It just feels a lot more organic, and as much as I loved doing it the first time, it’s even more fun this time around.”