Paul Mecurio

Daily from Feb. 1-3
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Feb. 3
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Feb. 4
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“I’m walking by a construction site now where they’re burying the hopes and dreams of all Americans after the Trump inauguration,” comedian Paul Mecurio reports via cellphone from New York City. “They’re probably going to change the name to Trump City soon.” Mecurio has been traveling less these days, as he is busy working on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where he’ll also perform standup on February 10. “It’s really cool to be on that stage and that venue where Elvis and the Beatles performed,” he says. Mecurio also turns up as a so-called talking head on many cable news shows. “I don’t carry the water for either side,” he insists, “I’m an issue-by-issue guy. So, I’ll go on CNN or Fox News and talk about issues. I try to be practical and logical about it instead of a staunch ideologue that doesn’t want to hear things he doesn’t agree with. I think that’s always a problem on these shows, and a guy like me should be on those to call people on their BS.” 18+; 21+ later shows.