Junker Dreams: An Automotive Memoir


Paul D. Dickinson: 'Junker Dreams: An Automotive Memoir' Book Release Party

May 24
8 p.m.
$9/$12 at the door
Comedy, Literary, Music

Beat-up cars, ill-fated romances, cross-country adventures, and rock ’n’ roll populate local punk-rock poet Paul D. Dickinson’s new work, Junker Dreams: An Automotive Memoir. Known for his pithy and poignant verse, Dickinson transitions naturally into self-deprecating prose, spinning yarns featuring offbeat characters and cars that run on dreams and prayers. The book is a snapshot of Dickinson’s life in the early ’90s as he travels from the Midwest to the East Coast, pursues an MFA in writing, goes on tour with his rock band, falls in love, and gets stuck in the middle of nowhere. He uses ingenuity and a bit of luck to keep on the move, and the steady stream of vans and barely working automobiles helps shape the narrative. Pick up your copy at this book-release party, where Dickinson will tell some delightful tales, comedian Mary Mack will perform a set, and there will be tunes from and Joe Hastings and Sarah Muellerleile’s chamber-inspired the Fires of 1918: Fantome Rosu. 21+.