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If you've been losing sleep over whether e-books are going to put a cold, efficient end to the delicate art of bookmaking, you can relax, because the Minnesota Center for Book Arts won't let that happen. A local bastion for the conservation of bookmaking technologies, the MCBA is showing the new world that book binding, letter pressing, and paper making remain close to its heart. As a special feature specific to the exhibit's opening, the MCBA will keep its entire space open to the public well into the evening, allowing those not yet involved with the center to get a feel for the esoteric history that resides within its walls. The exhibit features new works by 40 notable and local book artists, including Jeff Dahlin, owner of the E&L Book Bindery; M.C. Hyland, founder of DoubleCross Press; and Jeff Rathermel, executive director of the MCBA. Many of the artists are local, and will likely be at the opening reception to discuss their work with the public. And although he won't be there in body, having been deceased since 1463, Johannes Gutenberg will likely be there in spirit, nodding gently at the endeavors of those who continue his legacy. The opening reception is from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, February 18. (Pictured: Work by Chandler O'Leary)
Feb. 18-April 24, 2011

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