Paper Toy and Pop-Out Show

While art on paper is certainly cool, I'd argue that paper art is even cooler, since it's so unusual. Through a series of folds, unfolds, cuts with an exacto knife, and the occasional dab of the glue stick, artists manage to create 3-D works that seem impossible when you consider their humble, flat origins. For "Paper Toy and Pop Out Show," cartoonists (the gallery owners are from PUNY, the animation company that produces Nick Jr.'s Yo Gabba Gabba!), designers, and print artists from around the world have created sculptures, toys, and pop-up art. There's Indonesia-based artist Sal Azad, who draws inspiration from local folklore and the Hindu religion. Student artist Joe Galbreath's work includes hundreds of paper robots created using a letterpress die-cut. Megan Brain's work was featured in the end credits of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. These, along with works by many other artists, will make you realize how limited your grade-school origami really was.
April 18-May 13, 2009

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