Paper Darts Magazine Volume 3 Launch Party

Who said literary magazines were just for stuffy people? Not Paper Darts. You can see for yourself at the Minnesota-based publication's launch party for Paper Darts Magazine Volume Three. Held at Honey, the event brings the best of this hip publication to you. Here, the literati will shine and transform into the glitterati, showing that technology and talent mixed well produces some of the finest local, national, and international artistry. "Paper Darts removes the proverbial stick from the butt of the literary arts world," editorial director and co-founder Regan Smith promises. That it does. The literary magazine combines aesthetic, skill, and a little irreverence to create beautiful volumes full of mixed-media art including writing, photography, and other mediums. Don't miss live readings from several writers at the launch, such as John Jodzio, Robert Voedisch, and Maggie Ryan Sandford. See art by Sandra Dieckman, Andy DuCett, and others on the club's walls. The Chord and the Fawn will also perform live music throughout the evening. Paper Darts Magazine Volume Three will be available for $10 at the event.
Sat., March 5, 7-10 p.m., 2011

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