July 8
8 p.m.
Indie Rock, Rock

Though their catalog is small so far, Philadelphia-via-New York band Palm have quickly established an identity for themselves, purveying mathy, experimental rock informed by the propulsive clangor of post-punk. Co-fronted by Eve Alpert and Kasra Kurt, the four-piece turned heads with 2015’s promising Trading Basics LP before relocating to Philly and signing to Carpark Records, which released their Shadow Expert EP last month. Though brief—six songs in 17 minutes—the record has already proved momentous for the band, thanks, in part, to lead single “Walkie Talkie,” a prime example of what Alpert and Kurt can achieve with their vocal interplay. The band’s new home city has earned a reputation as a DIY rock mecca in recent years, but no matter how dense Philly grows with exciting young bands, expect Palm to be a factor for as long as they stay in town. With Palberta and Double Grave.