Painting Zombies: Permanence / Impermanence

Curious title for an exhibition; you won't find a zombie in sight. Rather, the curators of this show—Clarence Morgan and Ryuta Nakajima, who are U faculty—are being ironic. As in: Painting is not a homogenous, dead-art-form-walking, but rather an evolving practice with as much diversity as there are imaginations and ways of slapping paint on a canvas. In an era of multi-mediated, technologically negotiated art practices, the simple act of painting isn't as simple (or simplistic) as one might think. London artist Miltos Manetas has originated a website that invites participants to create their own Jackson Pollock drip painting. Ely artist Andy Messerschmidt's work is an architectural construction with a smoke machine. Minneapolis-based Andy Ducett is creating a multi-object assemblage. Other artists in the exhibition—hailing from Philadelphia to Hawaii—examine through their work such thorny issues as painting and politics, art and uncertainty, theory and mediated realities. Bring your brain. (Image by Ann Tarantino)
Nov. 16-Dec. 19, 2010

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