'Paige in Full' Image courtesy event organizers


Paige in Full: A B-Girl’s Visual Mixtape

Daily from Oct. 25-26
7:30 p.m.
Oct. 27
2 p.m.
Dance, Performance Art, Theater

Paige Hernandez is a multi-talented creator whose fluid fusion of techniques defies rote categorization. Her autobiographical solo piece, Paige in Full: A B-Girl’s Visual Mixtape, is a dynamically paced show that combines Hernandez’s adept skills as a choreographer, dancer, poet, and memoirist to depict the tumultuous path that led her from a Baltimore childhood to the national stage. Propelling her every deft step of the way is an ever-present adoration of hip-hop culture and its indispensable soundtrack, as exemplified by the turntable accompaniment of Nick the 1da. Under the direction of Danielle A. Drakes, Hernandez recounts her internal journey of self-discovery, reflected in movements that range from vulnerability to tenacity as Hernandez perseveres against her insecurities to embrace her identity. Rejecting diminishing labels of hip-hop norms, Hernandez has forged her own artistic persona and serves as an inspiration for others to do the same.