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Acme's "Caught in the Act" open-mic night may well be the best free show in the Twin Cities. The lineup is a balanced blend of unpredictable and excitable first-timers, up-and-coming amateurs trying to impress, and the club's deep and versatile roster of house comics honing their acts. Acme's talent pool is significant: Among the club's regular performers are nationally touring headliners and established pros who have been featured on Comedy Central. The nationally renowned show, which is recorded weekly for, is a frequent stop for the club's prominent alumni and other notable comics passing through town. Those interested in signing up to perform should show up before 7 p.m.; competition for the handful of available slots is hot, as dozens of aspiring Twin Cities comics vie for a few minutes in front of a house that's nearly always packed, lively, and ready to laugh. 18+.
Mondays, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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