Open House

For many Minnesotans, the smell of barbecue evokes memories of summers past as much as freshly cut grass does. This will be the scent that will lure you in to Intermedia Arts' open-house street party. In addition to snacking on the summertime treat, guests will be able to watch the annual mural painting live, dance to DJ sets from Shannon Blowtorch, and meet new and old staff members. During the party the gallery will be open so that attendees can check out the space's current interactive show, "We Work Here." Bring a white T-shirt for the screen-printing activity, or lean how to make artsy buttons. The event is family-friendly, so be sure to bring any curious, creative kids you know. (Image by Zoe Prinds-Flash)
Sat., June 19, 4-7 p.m., 2010

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