Mark Vancleave


Open Eye Figure Theatre’s 15th Annual Driveway Tour

Daily from July 8-Aug. 11
All Day
Family Events, Theater

For the 15th summer, the mad puppeteers at Open Eye Figure Theatre are bringing their act to driveways—and yards, and parks—across the Twin Cities. This year, they’re touring three free 30-minute shows that alternate across various dates. One features a time-traveling robot that helps a boy face down a bully, a second is about a city girl who finds farm friends when technological toys fail her, and a third is about a boy whose imagination turns a cow into a boat. Program manager Peter Rusk enjoys seeing the diverse crowds the driveway performances attract. “We really get a huge range of people. You come into their homes; they’re welcoming you and they’re welcoming their community as well.” Driveway Tour stops are posted on the company’s website; you can host a show in your own ’hood if you’re willing to help do a little fundraising. If you want to see all three of this summer’s driveway shows in one go, you can hit up the July 29 Ice Cream Social at Open Eye’s home base in the Phillips neighborhood of south Minneapolis. For the complete schedule, visit

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