Open Door 6

Rosalux Gallery celebrates its sixth Open Door exhibition this weekend, featuring the work of 10 artists from Minnesota and around the country. Rosalux, an artist-cooperative gallery that was founded in 2002, moved back to northeast Minneapolis this summer after occupying a space at Open Book in downtown for seven years. The juror for the current exhibition is Christopher Atkins, from the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program (MAEP) at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Atkins says he picked the artists in the show from hundreds of applicants. He looked for quality, which he admits isn't always easy to define. "It's important for me to see an artist has spent a lot of time on their craft," he says. "You can kind of tell really quickly who put in the most work and achieved the most success." For example, one of the artists in the show, John Bell, creates paintings that are very abstract, but also have a lot of action and movement, as well as control. "He uses really thin paint on top of synthetic paper," Atkins explains. "There's a lot of depth and three-dimensionality." The other artists featured in the exhibition are Benjamin Gardner, Brad Nelson, Mary Esch, Jesse Draxler, Aaron Dysart, Katie Shannon, Lee Piechocki, Angie Zielinski, and Steven Lang. The opening reception is from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday, November 13. (Pictured: Work by Angie Zielinski)
Nov. 12-28, 2010

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