L-R: Work by Julie Liger-Belair, Jenny Brown, Shawna Gilmore


Open Door 13

Every Sat. and Sun. from Dec. 2-30
12-4 p.m.
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Rosalux Gallery’s annual group exhibition has reached its lucky 13th anniversary. Danielle Krysa selected this year’s works. She’s the intellect and enthusiast behind the Jealous Curator, a website and podcast celebrating covetable art, ideas, and inspiration. With books, a TEDX talk, and even Oprah appearances on her ever-expanding CV, she’s the boss on creativity and what holds us back from lighting our inner creative fires. Krysa is sure to assemble an inspiring roster of artists and works that leaves everyone wanting to get right back into the studio and start making work. The call for this show was open to North American residents working in 2D and 3D media and video.