Bad Cop/Bad Cop


One Last Party 2016

Daily from Sept. 9-10
7 p.m.
$20-$23 per day; $40 two-day pass
Indie Rock, Punk, Rock

Depending on whom you ask, summer’s either waning or cold and dead. Noted antichrist Donald J. Trump will assume the presidency come November, ushering in rivers of blood and subsequent eternal darkness. But hey – let’s have One Last Party! The punk-rock bash is the spiritual successor to Fuck Dave Strait Fest, a recurring/tongue-in-cheek rock ‘n’ roll marathon (very loosely) centered on the member of local bands Slow Death and Pretty Boy Thorson & the Falling Angels. Both of those acts and around 20 others will take over Triple Rock on Friday and T-Rock plus Grumpy’s Downtown for brunch on Saturday. Among the highlights: a record release from melodic Wisconsin blasters Arms Aloft, a rare reunion show from beloved Minneapolis punk duo Awesome Snakes, buzzing local garage-punks Lutheran Heat (helluva a name, right?), and the final show from Pretty Boy Thorson. Noon at Grumpy’s; 7 p.m. nightly at Triple Rock. Full lineup and more info at