Omar Sosa Afreecanos Quartet

Even among the creative pinnacles of jazz and world music, Cuban pianist Omar Sosa is unique, exploring the myriad tendrils of the African diaspora with rare insight, a joyous sense of adventure, and wonders at every turn. With roots in Afro-Cuban folkloric music, jazz, and European classical music, Sosa follows threads that wind through Africa, South and North America, an astounding journey from rural Cuba to Appalachia via Ecuador, Senegal, and New York's 52nd Street. Just recently Sosa released Across the Divide, which traces African influences deep into the psyche of American roots; Ceremony, an original collection of Latin jazz recorded with Germany's NDR Bigband and arranged by Brazilian heavyweight Jaques Morelenbaum; and his latest, Calma, consisting of solo improvised piano pieces that are musically rich and deeply spiritual. Afreecanos features the extraordinary lineup of drummer Marque Gilmore, a drum-and-bass pioneer and member of the Black Rock Coalition; Mozambican bassist Childo Tomas; and noted jazz/avant-garde saxophonist Peter Apfelbaum. $30 at 7 p.m.; $20 at 9 p.m. (Photo by Olivier Auverlau)
Wednesdays, Thursdays. Starts: April 27. Continues through April 28, 2011

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