Ohio Players

Amateur cratediggers know them for their lascivious album covers, hip hop heads might venerate them for the deathless, frequently-sampled "Funky Worm" Minimoog riff, and urban-legend fans might still pass along the (untrue) story about the screaming murder victim you can hear during "Love Rollercoaster". But real funk aficionados know that the Ohio Players were one of the baddest things going for most of the '70s. From hits like "Fopp," "Fire" and "Skin Tight" to deep cuts like "The Reds" and "Never Had a Dream," the Players plied their trade in barnburning dance grooves and slow jams alike, giving them the crucial versatility that made them one of the most multifaceted funk bands of their time. With Sugarfoot.
Sun., May 15, 8 p.m., 2011

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