Scott Pakudaitis


Off-Leash Area: Dancing On The Belly Of The Beast

Daily from June 23-25
8 p.m.
$10-$30 suggested donation

What does it mean to suddenly lose a parent as an adult? That unmooring, infused with grief and how one transitions into a new sort of normal, is the subject of Off-Leash Area’s latest production. It’s the sort of topic this dance-theater company deals with so well. Emotional complexity, the intricacies of family dynamics, and creativity amid debilitating physical and psychic despair are fully within the purview of co-artistic directors Jennifer Ilse and Paul Herwig. Here, they are joined by a cast of MSP dance notables, including Karla Grotting, Christine Maginnis, Sally Rousse, and Ray Terrill. All have lost parents, and bring raw experience and dancer virtuosity to a performance laced with truth and authenticity.