Hardcore punk's eruptive brevity is its charm and its Achilles' heel: At its best and most brutal, it slam-dances into your skull, smashes the fine china, then double-times it over the back fence. OFF!—a sort of hardcore revivalist movement staring iconic Black Flag/Circle Jerks howler Keith Morris and members of Redd Kross, Hot Snakes, and Burning Brides—don't quite hit that level of anti-compositional intensity. In other words, their songs refuse to collapse into anarchy after 20 seconds, they know their way around a melody, and on The First Four EPs' firecrackers like the PCP vignette "Peace in Hermosa," Morris demonstrates an uncanny ability to set scenes using little more than a handful of phrases and a lifetime of pique. Purists may shy away, but that just means there'll be more tickets for us. 18+. (Photo by Dan Monick)
Sun., April 3, 8 p.m., 2011

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