Obama Inaugural Celebration: One Nation: A New Birth of Freedom

At this point in time, with our economic woes and wars, it might not seem like we have much to celebrate. But as they say, hope dies last. This Tuesday, those who hoped for change may get their wish as Barack Obama, our 44th U.S. president, is sworn into office. Epic's A New Birth of Freedom, which references Lincoln's Gettysburg Address call for a new nation following the Civil War, will celebrate what we hope will be the dawn of a new era. Partiers can watch the simulcast of Obama's Washington inauguration, while hip-hop artists Truthmaze, Ms. Tee, Mujah Messiah, and Chicago dancehall artists Jawbreaker perform. Radio DJs Ray Richardson and Mike Mack will also spin tunes. Those who pay VIP can enjoy appetizers, gifts, and giveaways. 21+.
Tue., Jan. 20, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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