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Nutcracker (not so) Suite

Daily from Dec. 15-16
7:30 p.m.
Dec. 17
2 p.m.
Daily from Dec. 21-23
7:30 p.m.
Daily from Dec. 27-30
7:30 p.m.
Dance, Holiday

Nutcrackers are a dime a dozen this time of year. This not-so-sweet edition, however, is more naughty than nice, and features drag, cheekiness, and a fab ’60s setting. The story follows Marie (Deanna Gooding) as she receives her gift from Mama Flo, a New York socialite played by Bradley Greenwald. In this interpretation, Marie soon enters a dream world filled with urban seediness and posh glamour. It’s all led by James Sewell Ballet, with Eve Schulte as Barbie and Jordan Lefton as Ken. Though this annual production is now a tradition, choreographer Myron Johnson promises a performance that isn’t cookie-cutter. “This is a show that needs to be different every year,” he says. “There are musts, of course—like Barbie and Ken—but part of the thrill of the show is that there are surprises every time we do it.” These shows are quirky, but also pretty family-friendly. If you’re looking for a little more raunch onstage, be sure to check the schedule for the more adult Naughty Nutcracker nights.