June 11
7 p.m.
Philadelphia's heavily tattooed Nothing are doing their own thing in the current shoegaze era. On a surface level, they're known for their slot in the stable at Relapse Records, the mostly metal label that's home to heavy bands like Pig Destroyer and Torche. More than the Relapse connection, Nothing frontman Dominic Palermo & Co. are notable for the wide range of dynamics that defines their music. They made their full-length debut in 2014 with Guilty of Everything, the charred, gloomier precursor to this year's Tired of Tomorrow. On the new album, Palermo's lyrical perspective (his life includes a two-year prison sentence) emerges along with his increasingly intelligible vocals. With revered producer Will Yip manning the boards, the album has a multi-leveled sound, with stomping guitar progressions, pounding drums, and even beautifully tumbling piano. It's a modern shoegaze album that deserves as much attention this year as DIIV's Is the Is Are. With Wrong and Culture Abuse.