'Not Every Mountain' Rude Mechs


Not Every Mountain

Every Fri. and Sat. from July 7-14
7:30 p.m.
Every Sun. from July 8-15
7 p.m.

Austin, Texas-based performance company Rude Mechs (aka Rude Mechanicals) is making its Guthrie debut with Not Every Mountain. The piece doesn’t follow a traditional narrative, and features no central characters. Instead, the work hinges upon the ever-evolving nature of existence, observing the process of change over the landscape of a stage-erected mountain. This centerpiece is a striking feat of engineering that uses adjustable geometric patterns to continually shift perspectives, giving audiences the sense of descending from the clouds or arising from the ground. Time and space are conveyed as moving pieces, emphasized by evocative lighting shifts, in an immersive landscape design by Thomas Graves. Underscoring the scenic designs is a mesmerizing soundscape by Peter Stopschinski that uses the frequencies of Earth’s atmosphere as inspiration. Adding one more layer of inspiration are the lyrical musings of Kirk Lynn, whose enchanting rhapsodies interweave the reverent with the playful. Factor in an open invitation for audience interaction, and Not Every Mountain becomes a fascinating reminder that the act of creation, in and of itself, can be a work of art.