NorthStar RollerGirls: World of Pain: The United Nations of Derby

Tonight's double-header match, dubbed World of Pain: The United Nations of Derby, features top teams vying for dominance. While many bouts throughout the year involve various North Star teams against each other, these games pair the most brutal teams from the road. The North Star Supernovas are currently sitting at seventh place while the Chicago Outfit Syndicate are ranked number nine, so expect this match to be a close one. North Star Northern Lights will be going up against the Chicago Outfit Shade Brigade as well. All teams featured normally act as roadie ambassadors for their home state, so this will be an excellent chance to see teams in action who normally play out of town. Irish group the Tim Malloys will warm up the crowd with a pre-game set before the face-smashing, sprinting, and elbow-throwing begins.
Sat., April 30, 6 p.m., 2011

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