NorthStar Rollergirls

Thanks to the popularity of Whip It, I would be willing to speculate that attendance at the Northstar Rollergirls' bouts will be up throughout the season. Call it the Whip It bump. You need only share a theater with a few giddy, chatting tweens to understand that the film has exposed a whole new generation to roller derby in a shiny, neat, mainstream package. Surely their next step to emulating Ellen "Someday I'll Play My Own Age in a Movie" Page's rise to four-wheeled dominance will be getting their moms to load up the SUVs with their friends and head on over to the Minneapolis Convention Center to see the real thing. Of course, real-life roller derby is more likely to end in somebody getting rushed off bleeding to HCMC rather than the warm and fuzzy, family-friendly way Whip It ended. But then, that's real life. The night's matchups are: Kilmore Girls versus Violent Femmes and Delta Delta Di versus Banger Sisters.
Sat., Oct. 24, 6:30 p.m., 2009

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