North Star Roller Girls

The North Star Roller Girls are probably the only sports team in town that drinks with its fans after bouts, which is good for both fan relations and dulling the pain of competition injury. The eight-wheeled women of the flat track kick off the 2008 season this weekend with a rematch of the 2007 championship bout between the Kilmore Girls and the Banger Sisters. The bout will no doubt be a grudge match for the Bangers as they look for some sweet revenge on the Kilmore Girls who defeated them 72-52 to take the title. Delta Delta Di will take on the Violent Femmes as well. But more than a booze-friendly blood sport, NSRG also is a youth sports outreach, sort of. Kids 10 and under get in to see the bout for free. No kiddies trackside, however; only adults are allowed that close to the action. After the bout, join your favorite bruised players at Lee's Liquor Lounge for drinks and high-fives.
Sat., Oct. 25, 6:30 p.m., 2008

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