Elise Fitte-Duval


Nora Chipaumire

Daily from March 23-25
8 p.m.
$25; $20 Walker members

Zimbabwe/New York-based choreographer Nora Chipaumire usually focuses her dance-theater work on African female identity. In this production, however, she’s joined by two black men as she investigates questions and issues of black masculinity. The piece takes place in a boxing ring, penning in the dynamic performers as both a metaphor and a reality. The source of her material is her relationship with her father, whom she rarely saw and hardly knew. Athletic, turbulent, and outfitted with African talismans, goggles, and workout gear, the performers swing from the ceiling on elastic bands and joust under the weight of prejudice and history for 75 minutes. Just like them, you’ll leave breathless and in awe. Tickets and more info at